Being with the energy of gods & goddesses

In the late 90's I was living in New Zealand and studying Ayruveda for two reasons - firstly because I love learning about different ways of healing, and secondly to meet people with similar interests (I had already been doing yoga and meditation for at least 10 years at that point).

I remember one of my teachers talking about how a traditional ayurvedic doctor might prescribe to a patient to go worship a certain Hindu god or goddess for a period of time. He said that they would do this because there was an aspect of the deity that they perceived the patient needed to nurture within themselves (eg Ganesha and loyalty), or to change/raise the patient's vibration, which would facilitate change in the patient's body or being.

And there is a long tradition amongst many of the worlds ancient cultures and religions of prayer, or repeating the name of God or a deity or a holy person (say a saint) as a way to become more like that being.

Like Dr Emoto's experiments with the effects of words on water (and remember our bodies are 70% water), being with the energy of a goddess or god has an impact on our vibration and our being.

Listening to the stories about a deity, chanting to them (or listening to songs dedicated to the deity), being involved in the rituals associated with the worship of a particular deity, these will all raise our vibration.

We are so fortunate that in April we will get a chance to celebrate Chaitra Navratri and experience this festival of Durga with Tejaaswinny!

Last year I was fortunate enough to celebrate Shardiya Navratri in October with TJ, and it was a wonderfull experience. I learnt about the different aspects of the goddess, I cleansed my body, I learned how to set up my alter and do daily Durga Puja, I said the prayers, I listened to the Durga stories, and I bathed in sound of the Durga songs. It definitely deepened my spiritual practices, and I had some amazing meditative experiences.

You are invited to join us - click here to find out more.

Karen Howard is one of the co-founders of The She Oak Collective, the Vice-President of her professional association the Australian Holistic Healers & Counsellors Association, a Counsellor, Coach, Energetic Body Worker and teacher of gentle yoga. She can be contacted via email -

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