Our Bodies Have Memories

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Science tells us that our bodies have memories, of all different types. (If you want to nerd out about it, you might like this.)

In fact, every molecule that makes up our bodies have memories!

We have genetic memories in our bodies, passed down from our ancestors. We have "muscle memory" built by repeating tasks. All kinds of memories...

We often focus on the "bad" ones, and try to lessen the impact of them.

But we forget that we have good memories stored in our minds and bodies that we can draw upon as resources.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming there are techniques you can use to "anchor" good memories so you can use the anchor when you are in a difficult situation.

(This reminds me that there are also mediation practices to help you realise that emotions are impermanent, where you bring to mind a memory, let it go, bring to mind another memory, let it go, etc.)

We invite you to use good memories to fill your emotional "gas tank", and, as you remember, please do it in a way that includes your whole body.

Let us know how you go in the comments section.

Karen Howard is one of the co-founders of The She Oak Collective, a Counsellor, Coach, Energetic Body Worker and teacher of gentle yoga.

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