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She Oak Teachers

Meet the incredible guides and creatrixes of She Oak Collective


Christina Gagnier

Founder & Embodiment Facilitator

Christina is a yoga teacher and movement facilitator. She has been moving, dancing, and practicing yoga for almost 20 years. As a teacher, she has facilitated experiences all over the world, including in Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and the United States. As a yoga teacher, she has studied with a large variety of yogis from various lineages, such as Anusara, and Embodied Flow. Christina believes that movement can unlock opportunities for self integration and, therefore, better connection to the external world. She believes that the body holds the opportunity for awakening. For her, movement has been instrumental in recognizing and shifting patterns that have prevented her from having greater freedom in her life. Through yoga and movement, she hopes to give people the tools to choose how they wish to shape their lives. She is an ERYT 500 yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance who has been teaching since 2011. With more than 3000 classroom hours, she currently leads teacher trainings and mentoring programs throughout the world. She is also an Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy through ISMETA and completing her certification in Biodynamic Craniosacral.

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Jessica Anderson

Ritual Leader & Earth Mama

Jess is a health and wellness coach, foodie, yoga teacher and passionate about creating and living in a low-waste sustainable way. Through her own wellness journey she created cooking workshops to help people understand their relationship with food, the body and how to swap ingredients to make food more nourishing.


She craves a deep connection to the ecosystem within us, around us and the lands we live upon. She believes more than ever we must honour the earth and live in harmony with her through a deeper relationship to where our food comes from living in a more sustainable way through our daily actions.

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Krystal Yamamoto

Yoga Teacher

Krystal Yamamoto is an intuitive ceremonialist, plant wisdom keeper, Mother Earth guardian and steward. She has dedicated herself to the Yogic path for over 20 years, and is a 500HR Trauma Informed E-RYT and ancestral arts body worker. Krystal has also received her training in Tibetan Sound Healing in Nepal & is a passionate Vegan Macrobiotics practitioner.


Rooted in Japanese Zen Buddhist heritage and shamanic indigenous Filipina ancestry, Krystal works by weaving animist Zen practices and rituals, with movement as ceremony- and the keeping of ‘soma’ as altar and temple, as sacred offering and prayer. She walks the path under the guidance of sacred plant medicine teachers and the teachings of our Divine Mother expressed through nature and her innate cycles.



Krystals work dives deep within the realms of sacred activism and shadow work. Her karmic passion focuses on providing therapeutic aid and services to children rescued from sex trafficking in the Philippines, as well as child refugees in Greece where she is currently based.

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Samantha Belyea

Breathwork Facilitator

Through a life time of curious exploration, Sam has developed a profound passion for somatics, body-mind integration and living life connected and in collaboration with Nature. The practice of weaving breath, movement, contemplation and meditation has allowed Sam to lean into and transverse the many layers and realms of our human experience, revealing a potent path for healing and empowerment. 


Sam’s teachings are rich yet explorative and playful, threading somatic movement with poetic rhetoric and embodied philosophy. She holds space for students to journey into their own rhythms and embodiment, as gateways to embrace the intimate depths of living and delight in their own empowerment and awakening. In this way she feels the practice becomes a call to come home to ourselves, and in such home to Nature itself.

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Karen Howard

Yoga Teacher

Karen is a long term yogini and meditator from a Raj Yoga lineage, a lifelong learner, a nerd and a scheduling wiz. She loves feeding people and deep conversations.


Karen is a beginner yoga teacher specialising in Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation, and is passionate about accessibility in yoga.   She is also an energetic body worker, Holistic Counsellor and Coach.

Tejaaswinny Nakra

Yoga Teacher & Cranio

Tejaaswinny is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Facilitator for Energy Medicine and a Yoga Instructor. Born and broughtup in the country of immense spiritual knowledge i.e. India, Tejaaswinny brings along with her a rich heritage of knowledge in Yoga, Meditation and occult sciences.


She was lucky to be born in a spiritual family driven by knowledge and an urge to know more. A curious child as she was, she started her spiritual journey at the age of 12 exploring the calmness of meditations and perfections one can achieve through Holistic Yoga. Very soon she started questioning the logics of rituals and practices they perform and realised she is meant to raise her bar by exploring the realms of universe in her own journey. Lucky enough as she got guidance from many great spiritual Masters. At the age of 15 she did masters in Reiki and by the age of 21 Tejaaswinny was among a great league of Teachers in the world known organisation for peace and Meditation, the ART OF Living.


On Academic front she is a BioMedical Engineer, however she kept her search on for Alternative medicines where she found CST and became a certified Craniosacral Therapist and soon moved to Melbourne . Where she is presently Secretary with Pacific Association of Craniosacral Therapist and working as Assistant Tutor at Body Intelligence, besides her own practice as a Craniosacral Therapist.

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Lisa Lee

Meditation Teacher

The essence of Lisa’s work is METASOMA, beyond the body in Greek. It symbolises the innate expression of health. It serves as the fulcrum to reunite with our intrinsic wholeness, ever-present, ever-potent. It is her passion to share this quest with you.


What Lisa brings to METASOMA is her healing journey. She finds strength in the face of fragility. She sees ineffable grace at time of turmoil. No matter what comes her way, she knows the answer lies within her soma.


With sincere heart, she holds space for your soma to express in safety and neutrality. With stillness, she hopes to journey with you into the core of the heart. It is in this depth that dross can dissolve to reveal clarity.


In bringing awareness of our innate ability to heal, she weaves together strands of modalities to encourage self-care, the cornerstone of healing. Her essence is to think from the heart and feel from the mind. Alongside with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, she offers dynamic meditation using ancient art of mandala and colour therapy; and self-care retreat to embrace our child within.

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Jazmine Wheatley

Yoga Teacher & Ritual Leader

Navigating the intricate musings of life from an early age, Jazmine was on the search for freedom and liberation, which led her to Yoga, prompting her to seek guidance & answers to the fundamental questions of life. Over the years, she studied Trauma work, sound and mantra, non-dual Śaiva Tantra, Tantrik Hatha, Embodied Flow and Yoga that derives their roots from the teachings Krishnamacharya and T.K.V. Desikachar, to name a few.. who continue to inspire her in the laboratory of her own sādhana.  


Yoga and its philosophies have become part of the fabric of her life. Her approach to Yoga honours the need for individual self-study to improve interpersonal relations and community.


As a facilitator, she feels a deep commitment to awaken and explore the unlimited nature of consciousness. She guides women into fully inhabiting the total range of their Divine humanity through ceremony, ritual, movement medicine, subtle body practices, soulful self-expression and sisterhood.

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Ritual Leader & Yogi

Emilia is a mystic, poet, soul worker, embodiment teacher, ceremonialist and Earth Wisdom carrier. She is deeply committed to facilitating spaces of embodied awakening, reigniting the fire of curiosity, supporting others to dive into the vast landscapes of their inner worlds, giving voice to their wildest selves and embracing each level of the mystery we all contain. Since a young age she has been practicing returning to the intricate language of her soul, trying to deepen her intimacy with all things and weave herself back into communion with life. Her desire to know and explore all the textures of Truth have brought her to study Indigenous ways of Knowing, Buddhist Meditation, Tantrik Yoga, embodiment practices, trauma studies, Feminine awakening practices, dreams and archetypes, creative and expressive therapy, herbalism and more. She has been facilitating a wide range of spaces from women’s awakening circles, to trauma-informed yoga programs for refugees to embodied nature connection retreats to ceremonies and rituals. All of her work is in service of awakening to our deepest and most loving nature, to remembering our interconnectedness with creation, to opening ourselves to the invisible mystery that has birthed us and finding gateways to express our true voice so that we may live in alignment with our soul's desire and the greater web of life. 

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